Death of Creativity!

Unnatural death of an artist symbolises a downfall of a community. With the lynching of two budding Artists, Universe has indicated that people with artistic talents don’t deserve to live in a place called Assam. They deserve to rest in a peace with God where they are free to explore their passion. I am happy that they are gone forever to some unknown world which has welcomed both of them with pride and fun.

One was Nilotpal Das, an audio engineer into experimental music and other one was Abjijeet Nath, a digital artist. I appreciate the fact that more than 5000 people came into street to protest this barbaric killing. But, one question is constantly hitting my mind. Are these protest rallies with candle light marches enough? Is responsibility over by posting emotional messages for these two innocent souls via social media? Is hurting some other person to showcase protest ethically right?

As a community, do we Assamese people understand our own faults? To be honest, we are not bothered about it. We are making same mistakes again and again. We are obsessed with social media so much that we follow it blindly and make decision on the basis of it. We have already forgotten to use our positive instinct long back ago. We are desperately ready to take law into our hand as a mob. Small incident of this type happen on a daily basis when handful of people work as moral police to punish someone who is suspected to be a criminal and all other people as Mass is mute spectator. This barbaric lynching is an extreme version of the same type which indicates the downfall of humanity in our state wich was known as one of the peaceful places of entire world in the past.

Gruesome killing of these two innocent souls who were in a mission to explore their passions is symbolically suggesting us that true artists are living in a fear and not happy with their life in Assam. Most of them are living in despair and totally depend on government fund.

Two recent past incidents shocked me and revealed how insensitive we are toward our artists who not only deserve to get appreciation, but also require remuneration in order to earn livelihood.

In my mission to promote blockchain technology in Assam, few days ago I met a guy named Pranjal (name changed) who is coincidently a Digital Artist like late Abjijeet Nath. Some of you might know him since print and electronic media of Assam already covered a story on him reflecting his unique style of digital art. He was previously working in a private bank, but left the job in order to do something in creative field. Now he is jobless and his mother keep worrying about his future and career. According to her, his most important priority must be getting a good government job in order to secure his life. The Assamese society made her think that his talent is of no use which doesn’t help him to earn money. She is absolutely right. My question to big media houses of Assam that whenever they cover a story highlighting any Artist and telecast the same, how much remuneration goes to that artist? To my utter surprise, Pranjal got zero remuneration. He was also ignorant of this fact that it is his fundamental right to get remuneration. While covering the story, do these so called media houses make any effort to showcase the art so that Art lover come forward to buy these art work. To my surprise, he has not sold a single piece of his art work till today.. Moreover he is a singer and a song writer. Few days ago, his music programme was telecasted in any News TV channel of Guwahati. He has still not got any remuneration for the show. It is heartiest request to all the media houses not to give that impression that they are doing noble work of promoting the art. So there is no need to remunerate artists. What about the art lovers of Assam, why do they expect to get the art piece as a gift. Why don’t they buy it?

Last Sunday I got an awesome opportunity to experience wonderful play named “Momor Ghor” directed by Abinash Sarma under Zarifa Wahib Production in collaboration with Srimanata Sankardeva Kalashetra Society. Ministry of Culture, Government of India has sponsored it. I really appreciate this gesture by Government which patronise such an awesome creation. Last time, I had a wonderful experience of watching two plays directed by Habib Tanveer in Jamia Milia Islamia University 13 years ago which gave me so much of mental satisfaction which creative people always crave for. After thirteen years, last Sunday it happened again. And the satisfaction level was so powerful. I enjoyed each and every moment of the play. Several times, I had experienced goose bump. All the actors played their role excellently. Special mention to the character of Zerifa Wahib as Mansi. It portrayed the hope and aspiration of a common man. She played it wonderfully. And Director Avinash has succeeded in whatever message he wants to put across. I am at utter surprise that there was no entry fee to watch this play. Although it was government funded, yet, as art lovers we must pay the entry fee. The collected money must reach to lower strata Artist who played “Men at work” performance. So It is my request. Don’t showcase your talent free. Put a price tag on it.

Along with government, we people must be sensitive and come forward to patronize Arts and Artists. We pay huge money in purchasing essential goods, but when art comes, we want it free. This mentality has made us insensitive and we behave like an evil. Rather than blaming others and protesting against system, it is high time when we self-analyse our own behavior of what we do on a daily basis. We need to realize that our present actions sow the seed which materializes in future. If we won’t realize, the day is not far when Assamese community collapsed and revolves like a debris in the universe.




Monu Deka has been working as Virtual Assistant since 2011 which involves diverse kind of services for individual or Small company

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Monu Deka

Monu Deka

Monu Deka has been working as Virtual Assistant since 2011 which involves diverse kind of services for individual or Small company

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